New Zealand model makers THE MODEL WORKSHOP have completed the model for the Eden Park Redevelopment in preparation for the 2011 Rugby World Cup. 

Commissioned by the Eden Park Redevelopment Board, Auckland scale architectural model company THE MODEL WORKSHOP built the 1:300 scale model ready in time for a Community Day held at the grounds. 

The model extends to cover the whole Eden Park site, main field, number two field, the new transport hub off Sandringham Road and each stand. This included the new South Stand, which sports a ETFE façade, the material more famously featured on the “Water Cube” - Beijing National Aquatics Center. Two versions of the East Stand (Terraces) were also produced displaying Rugby World Cup mode (complete with removable temporary seating) and Legacy mode for post-World Cup—these were easily interchangeable. 

The landscape was reproduced in full with trees—Pohutukawa and the iconic Titoki trees that line Reimers Avenue, lights and surrounding roads. The lights covered the car park area, illuminated the main field and uplights were used to show off the ETFE fronds, a prominent feature of the South Stand. 

The model was displayed at an Community Day held in the ASB stand at Eden Park where the public could walk through the now demolished South Stand for the last time, and be introduced to the new design that will be the main venue of the 2011 Rugby World Cup.


  • Scale: 1:300

  • Architect: HOK Sport

  • Client: Eden Park Redevel-
    opment Board

  • Model build time: 25 days